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>May 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog!
First of all – THANK YOU – for your reponse to our open call to nominate your favourite public artwork!
We start out in Rotterdam where we selected two of your favourites namely:

. ‘Elevazione’ by Giuseppe Penone
. ‘Guard’ by Hans van Bentem

Each of these artworks strike a personal cord to us.

Giuseppe Penone’s work is a hidden gem situated alongside the Westersingel. Partly obscured by the 5 encircling trees this bronze cast forms a delicate relationship with it’s surroundings.

Hans van Bentem introduces his ‘Guard’ – a 2 metre high cyborg – on one of the unlikeliest places in the city. Surrounded by motorways and concrete this sculpture is the new ‘superhero’ for the future of Rotterdam; the skaters

>>May 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! At KuuB – a platform for arts & culture – we visit the exposition of works by José Heerkens and Alf Slegers. The title of this exposition is called ‘a world created’ in which either KuuB or the artists show a hyper-balanced yet seemingly inaccessible world in which nothing seems left to chance.
In our opinion it’s this quest for perfection which results in a distant, almost sterile display of works and an absence in dialogue. Furthermore there seems to be an unnecessary competition with the exhibition-space.
Kunstruimte KuuB laat in de expositie ‘De wereld geschapen’ werk zien van kunstenaars José Heerkens en Alf Slegers. Wellicht is het de titel van de expositie, de bedoeling van KuuB of de insteek van de kunstenaars om een bepaalde perfectie te benaderen in deze ‘geschapen’ wereld.
Volgens ons wordt het tegenovergestelde bereikt, we zien een ongenaakbare haast steriele opstelling van werken die onterecht het vergelijk aangaan met elkaar in een overheersende ruimte.

>>May 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! ‘In gesprek met:’ is a monthly in-depth conversation held by SOEKKHA&SLUYSVEER with an influencer in the art scene. This month we catch up with artist Anton Vrede to talk about his art and motives. Backdrop is his recent exposition- Anytime Now – at TENT Rotterdam. (on show until June 10 2018)
‘In gesprek met:’ is de titel van ons maandelijks terugkerend gesprek met een persoon uit de kunstwereld. Deze maand wisselen we gedachten met kunstenaar Anton Vrede, we praten over zijn kunst en zijn beweegredenen. Achtergrond/aanleiding van dit gesprek is zijn deelname aan de expositie – Anytime Now – bij TENT Rotterdam (deze groepsexpositie is te zien tot 10 juni 2018)

>>April 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! It’s been two years since we made our first item on ‘Het Ding’ by Naum Gabo. Originally donated to the City of Rotterdam this public sculpture swiftly became an icon for the reconstruction after WWII.
A lot has changed, it has finally undergone it’s much needed extensive restoration and we feel proud to have contributed – be it ever so slightly – to this process!

>>April 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! This time we visit the group exhibition – Vals Plat – at Kunstliefde
A group exhibition dedicated to the thin line between 2D and 3D and vice-versa.
The result is an intriguing combination of artworks featuring both the variety in outcome as orientation.


>>April 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! At Cinnnamon Gallery artist Lilian Kreutzberger shows a diversity of works capturing her fascination for construction, structure and perception.
In this #artvlog we try to give an insight how contemporary visual culture in this digital age challenges contemporary art and artists.
In the works on show Lilian Kreutzberger portrayes her world in which these conventional boundaries blur and the mapping and distortion of surfacing is eminent.

>>March 2018 Stay tuned for our next artvlog! From January 12 to March 18 #artist Zoro Feigl moved his workshop to the ‘Electriciteitsfabriek’ in The Hague. There his large #kinetic #art interacts with the industrial setting. Feigl stretches, twists, bends his materials in repetitive and rhythmic motion on the point of their distortion. A mesmerising and hypnotic play for the senses.

>>March 2018 ‘Stay tuned for our next episode of ‘In gesprek met:’ which is a monthly conversation held by SOEKKHA&SLUYSVEER with an influencer in the art-scene. This month we talk with #artist Robbert Weide who just finished an exposition at Martin Van Zomeren Gallery
What are his thoughts, insights and ambitions?

>>March 2018

!! THANK YOU !! for watching, supporting, following and liking our reports!

Two years ago we published our first #vlog on #contemporaryart and what a journey it has been so far!
We wanted to signify the contemporary art scene in a non-academic manner via vlogs. Show our take on the works and ambitions of great artists, galerists, cultural initiators, curators and so on.

41 vlogs in two years time and we’re not about to slow down…So keep watching, liking and following us on our continuing goal of bringing you the ins and outs of contemporary art! A big thanks to all our contributors!

>>March 2018 Stay tuned! In our next episode we visit #stedelijkbase at #Stedelijk #Amsterdam. Base unravels the museums vast permanent #collection of #modernart in a new setting. We were interested to find out if chronology can be intuitive as well. Can you really experience these powerhouse modern art icons fresh?

>>March 2018 Stay tuned! In our next episode we visit the group #exposition – Body Building – at Gallery Dürst Britt & Mayhew in The Hague. An #exhibition which entertains the #boundaries between #physical, #psychological and #architectural #space. #Organic and #anthropomorphic forms choose to either #contrast or #mix with more modular constructions. The exhibition space shows #similarities with a construction site or a #mental map, a place of #transition and #transformation.

Featuring artists are: Alex Farrar, Alexandre Lavet, Joseph Montgomery, Maarten Overdijk and Jonas Wijtenburg

>>March 2018 Stay tuned! In our next episode we visit the Prix de Rome exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam were the four nominees – Melanie Bonajo, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Katarina Zdjelar and Rana Hamadeh – each use their specific vocabulary for their respective installations.
The result is an all-inclusive experience aimed to engage all your senses.
Rana Hamadeh’s mixed media installation features a self written opera which is both disarming as alienating and introduces a new narrative. Her ‘The Ten Murders of Josephine’ was awarded this years Prix de Rome

>>March 2018 Stay tuned! In our next  episode we visit the ‘XL art” exhibition @boijmans – guest curator #CarelBlotkamp comprised show of over 80 extra large #artworks ranging from #paintings, #sculptures to #installations which were acquired by the museum since the 1950’s. The semi-chronologic setup of the different works allows these XL gems to take center stage. One but wonders why the majority is stored most of the time?

>>March 2018 Each month SOEKKHA&SLUYSVEER feature an in-depth conversation with an influencer of the #contemporaryart scene. This month we’re pleased to share a conversation with the Rotterdam Art Critic. Since November 2017 he or she shares her anonymous opinion on #contemporaryart in #Rotterdam via #Instagram. Time for us to find out more about more about this #artcritic which proved to be a bit of a challenge.
Elke maand voeren SOEKKHA&SLUYSVEER een gesprek met een influencer in de hedendaagse kunstscène. Deze maand hebben we een gesprek met de Rotterdam Art Critic. Een kunstcriticus die sinds november 2016 anoniem zijn of haar mening deelt over de hedendaagse kunst in #Rotterdam via #Instagram. Voor ons een uitdaging om wat meer te weten te komen over deze persoon.

>>March 2018 Tim is questioned by the international press on #contemporaryart at Kunsthal Rotterdam

>>February 2018 Stay tuned! In our next artvlog we visit – Gaia in the Antropocene – at Garage Rotterdam. An exhibition about establishing a new relationship with the earth and developing a renewed understanding of nature
7 artists individually explore the options that myths offer us in a time of growing anxiety and uncertainty.

Featured artists: Milena Bonilla, Rometti Costales, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Jonathas deAndrade, Jimmie Durham, Thierry Oussou, Maya Watanabe.

Curators: Sjoerd Kloosterhuis and Madelon van Schie

>>February 2018 at this year’s #artrotterdam2018 there’s a #remarkable #trend towards the #figurative #arts – many #artist and #galleries now address both their #personal and #social #interests with (what seems to be) #renewed #confidence and #humour – the strict #whitecube setting is definitely a thing of the past, #artists and #galleries #experiment with different formats to present their work
#artrotterdam #art #artfair #soekkhasluysveer #opinion

>>February 2018 #thoughts on the #qade #artfair at #artrotterdamweek – the fair’s #lay-out and number of participating #galleries seem #struggle with the #openness and # #abundance of space at #cruiseterminalrotterdam – as a result the stands feel to turn their backs towards the visitors

>>February 2018 During #artrotterdamweek a variety of #alternative events are organised by #galleries and cultural institutions throughout #rotterdam – @joey_ramone_rotterdam the #belgian #artcollective Various Artist features an #installation focused on the #extremities of climate change – in a #confronting , #intriguing #weirdscience setting extreme global warming as cooling are portrayed in a #dystopic yet #captivating way. #kikipetratou #hansjoeyramonebakker

>>February 2018 This year’s #prospectsandconcepts show at #artrotterdam features the works of 79 (!) young artists funded by #mondriaanfonds – the sheer number of featured artists has had a #positive effect on the #layout and #atmosphere, there’s room for #perspective and #space for #contemplation. A #step-up from last year
#artrotterdam #art #artfair #soekkhasluysveer #opinion

>>February 2018 #videoart is a #keyfeature at #artrotterdam – this years edition is curated by #MarthaKirszenbaum and shows works of 13 different #artists represented by their participating #galleries – it features #depth and the #setting (a darkened agora) gives you the chance to soak up the overall #atmosphere and find the time to see the #individual #artworks
#artrotterdam2018 #soekkhasluysveer #opinion

>>February 2018 #pleuniebuyink features her work at #sophiemareegallery at #qade during #artrotterdamweek – it’s #glitzy it’s #glammy not your garden-variety #artshow – her #objects and #bas-reliefs which appear #amber or #cristal yet are made of #synthetic #rubber

#artrotterdamweek #contemporaryart #soekkhasluysveer #artvlog #rotterdamcruiseterminal

>>February 2018 #mariannevanheeswijk and #rijkers&blonk feature their work #nastyalice at #qade during #artrotterdamweek – a disarming combination of photo-collages and ceramic #artwork with (just) the right dose of #kitsch

#artrotterdamweek #contemporaryart #contemporary baroque #soekkhasluysveer #artvlog #rotterdamcruiseterminal

>>February 2018 Work by #albarrancabrera at #bildhallezurich on #hautephotographie – an enchanting mix-up where #photography transcends into #object #gelatineprint #artrotterdamweek

>>February 2018 Ibashogallery | Haute Photographie – #ArtRotterdamweek

#mihokajioka and # #hideyukiishibashibashi feature their work at #ibashogallery on #hautephotographie during #rotterdamartweek – in their efforts to combine the #contemporary and #traditional methods of portraying and printing they transcend the boundaries of photography by seeking perfection yet embracing the imperfection too
#artrotterdamweek #contemporaryart #soekkhasluysveer #artvlog #sumie

>>February 2018 Another #supershort #vlog from #artrotterdam2018 – Disarming yet confronting work + presentation by #catherinebiocca at #psmgallery#crisp #seriousfun #contemporaryart #art #soekkhasluysveer

>>February 2018 Sarah van Sonsbeeck is known for her fascination for the immaterial and ‘silence’. At #artrotterdam2018 she shows an installation of 3 large transformed gas canisters construed to resonate as a gong.

>>February 2018 Right… #artrotterdamweek2018 – So much to see, so little time. During this art week we’ll try to post as many #supershort #vlogs on #contemporaryart as possible. So stay tuned on our Insta – FB – Youtube channels

>>January 2018 Finding inspiration at #iffr2018 🙂 — with Tim Soekkha and Harald Van Der Sluys Veer at International Film Festival Rotterdam – IFFR.

>>January 2018
Stay tuned!

Vanaf 7 t/m 11 februari transformeert #Rotterdam voor een week in dé stad van de hedendaagse kunst. Het is de Art Rotterdam week. De aanleiding voor SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER om in gesprek te gaan met initiator en directeur van Art Rotterdam; Fons Hof
– Het volledige gesprek met Fons staat op dinsdag 30 januari online –
Stay tuned!

From February 7 to 11th the city of Rotterdam will be the epic center of the contemporary arts. It’s time for the Art Rotterdam week. SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER engage in a conversation with initiator and director of ART ROTTERDAM, mr. Fons Hof

– This complete conversation will be online on January 30 –

>>January 2018 #Happy #Newyear everyone! Stay tuned! On January 9th Tim & Harald will report on the exhibition ‘ Ethics into Aesthetics ‘ featuring the works of Gustav Metzger currently on show at West – The Hague

>>December 2017 Stay tuned! On december 27 Tim and Harald visit the exhibition Impercebtible at Foundation MESH.
Stay tuned! Op 27 december zijn Tim en Harald bij Foundation MESH voor de tentoonstelling Imperceptible.

>>December 2017 In gesprek met is de titel van een nieuwe vlogreeks waarin Tim Soekkha en Harald van der Sluys Veer elke maand 1 gesprek hebben met iemand uit de hedendaagse kunstscène. Silvia Bakker bijt de spits af, ze is oprichter galerie TwelveTwelve die in 2016 zijn deuren opende in Den Haag.

>>December 2017 Stay tuned! On Tuesday the 12th we add a new chapter to our vlogs. Each month we will engage in a conversation with an influencer of the contemporary art scene. First up is Silvia Bakker, she started TwelveTwelve Gallery in 2016.

>>November 2017 It’s been a while but we’re back! In our latest #vlog on #contemporaryart we visit the expo ‘ Going back to forget ‘ at TENT Rotterdam and discuss the work of artist Kevin van Braak.

>>November 2017

>>September 6 2016 Dear all, a selection of details of our upcoming expo at NIObasement – Chlorophyll Viriditas by Denise Colignon. 

>> September 5 2016 What a great opening at NIObasement on September 3rd. Artist Denise Collignon really went all out with her installation – Chlorophyll Viriditas. This show will feature untill October 21st so drop by to see it !

Chlorophyll Viriditas @NIObasement

>> August 11 2016 On September 3rd we welcome you for the opening of the exhibition – verdures of a different order – chlorophyll viriditas – featuring an installation by artist Denise Collignon at NIObasement.

>>July 22 2016 *Sterrestof* # is online ! This episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit PHK18 and engage in a conversation with Marleen van Wijngaarden and Peter Couwenbergh.

>>July 15 2016 *Sterrestof*#17 is online! In this episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit FLTR projectspace. We meet initiator Sophie de Vos.

>>July 4 2016 *Sterrestof*#16 is online ! In this episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit the opening of the expostition ‘ Out of the Black ‘ at the WTC Art Gallery in Rotterdam. We engage in a conversation with Curator Dineke van Huizen and Galerist Martin Bijl


>>June 29 2016 Stay tuned ! Next Monday in *Sterrestof* #16 We visit the WTC Art Gallery in Rotterdam to engage in a conversation with gallerist Martin Bijl.


>>June 26 2016 NIObasement has two entrances, during weekdays please use the entrance at the Schiedamse Vest 95A. On Saturday’s we use our ‘real’ entrance at the Witte de Withhof 8. Just to make sure we made a small ‘ how to get there video’


>>June 24 2016 *Sterrestof*#15 is online ! In this episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit a show by artist Olaf Mooij at XX Multiple Gallery. Both collaborate closely with Auction-Site Catawiki. Find out why.. (in Dutch)


>>June 22 2016 Stay tuned ! this Friday in *Sterrestof* #15 SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit XX Multiple Galerie featuring the work of Olaf Mooij and find out why they work closely with Catawiki auctioneers


>>June 21 2016 A new header for the NIObasement Facebook page ! This time with a great image taken by Eugène Dumoulin. More images of the exposition will follow shortly.

20160621 NIOb FB AA

>>June 17 2016 *Sterrestof*#14 is online ! In this episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER make a continuous effort to meet artist Erik Sep the initiator of Neurotopia

>>June 15 2016 Stay tuned ! In *Sterrestof* #14 this Friday SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER make a continuous effort to speak to artist Erik Sep about his initiative Neurotopia

>>June 12 2016 Thank you for joining us at the Kick-Off of NIObasement yesterday. A great afternoon meeting all of you at our new initiative. For a few first images please check our facebook page.


>>June 9 2016 *Sterrestof* 13 is online! In this episode I In *Sterrestof*#13 SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit the exhibtion Utopian Dreams at TENT Rotterdam. An exhibition dedicated to the celebration of 75 years of reconstructing the city. We meet up with curator Marjolein van de Ven and exchange thoughts. Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 22.53.36

>>June 3 2016 *Sterrestof*#12 is online! In this episode SOEKKHA & SLUYSVEER visit Gallery Rianne Groen. We meet with artist Machteld Rullens and talk with Gallery Owner Rianne about her motives and the Rotterdam Art scene.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 00.31.42

>>May 30 2016 – Preparations for the NIObasement Kick Off on June 11 are in full swing. Check out this sneak-shot made by Gerben Willers of a Clay Mural by artist duo Aaliyah Avellana which will be part of their solo exposition at Niobasement.

no2 Aaliyah Avellana - photo by Gerben Willers

Aaliyah Avellana, Radically Changing the Perspective from the Suffering Artist to the Suffering Artwork 2, 2016. Clay on wall, 220 x 380 cm.

Aaliyah Avellana is founded in 2016. The first presentation of their work was during the Open Studios of the Rotterdam artist studio complex Het Wilde Weten. They are currently working on a commission for the Luciano Benetton Collection

>>May 27 2016 – *Sterrestof* #11 is online! In this episode we visit Gallery Cokkie Snoei and meet up with featuring artist Keetje Mans. Gallery owner Cokkie Snoei has a few remarkable comments.


>>>May 26 2016- !! SAVE THE DATE !! June 11 – 16:00 hrs – Kick Off NIObasement

20160526 NIOb AA final front

On June 11th at 16:00 hrs Maurice Nio, Tim Soekkha and Harald van der Sluys Veer invite you for the kick-off of NIObasement.





NIObasement June 11 2016 – 16:00 hrs –                                                                                   Schiedamse Vest 95A 3012 BG Rotterdam


radically changing the perspective from the suffering artist to the suffering artwork.

On June 11th NIObasement proudly presents the works of Aaliyah Avellana.

A series of sculptural works engage in a mental and dialectic play of perspectives from the suffering artist to the suffering artwork. Or as Aaliyah Avellana put it:

‘ If you really want to torture me, sit me in a room strapped to a chair and put Mariah Carey’s records on.’  – Cameron Diaz

‘ We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love .’ – Sigmund Freud

>>> May 20 2016 –  Exciting times ! Gearing up for our first expostion  at NIObasement, today with Gerben Willers – all together now . We kick-off by the half of June.


>>> May 20 2016 – *Sterrestof*#10 is online! In this episode we visit Herenplaats Gallery in Rotterdam and meet up with Karin Trijsberg & Richard Bennaars

>>>May 13 2016 – *Sterrestof*#9 is online! In this episode we visit Zic Zerp Gallery for their ‘ Salon du printemps’ and meet up with galerist Zic Zerp to engage in a conversation on professionality and the Arts.

>>>May 05 2016 – *Sterrestof*#8 is online ! In this episode of Sterrestof we visit the opening of ‘Je maintiendrai’ at Frank Taal Gallery and meet Eric Smit and Daan den Houter.

>>> May 01 2016 – Maurice Nio and SOEKKHA&SLUYSVEER join forces to initiate NIObasement, a crossover platform celebrating the various disciplines in art. Please stay tuned for updates on our first upcomming exhibition.


>>> April 30 2016 – *Sterrestof*#7 is online! In this episode of *Sterrestof* we visit ArtAttack Gallery in Rotterdam and meet up with galerist Arun Mahabier.