/ArtRotterdamWeek 2018

During ArtRotterdamWeek 2018 Tim and Harald made a number of one minute vlogs on the variety of different events that took place.

At this year’s Art Rotterdam there’s a remarkable trend towards the figurative arts – many artist and galleries now address both their personal and social interests with (what seems to be) #enewed confidence and humour – the strict white cube setting is definitely a thing of the past, artists and galleries #experiment with different formats to present their work.

Thoughts on the Qade.Solo.Project #artfair at ArtRotterdamWeek – the fair’s lay-out and number of participating galleries seem struggle with the openness and abundance of space at cruiseterminalrotterdam – as a result the stands feel to turn their backs towards the visitors.

During artrotterdamweek a variety of alternative events are organised by galleries and cultural institutions throughout Rotterdam – at Joey Ramon Gallery  the #belgian artcollective Various Artist features an #installation focussed on the #extremities of climate change – in a #confronting , intriguing, weirdscience setting extreme global warming as cooling are portrayed in a dystopic yet captivating way.

This year’s Prospects and Concepts show at Art Rotterdam featured the works of 79 (!) young artists funded by the Mondriaanfonds – the sheer number of featured artists has had a positive effect on the layout and atmosphere – there’s room for perspective and space for contemplation. A step-up from last year.

Videoart is a keyfeature at Art Rotterdam – this years edition is curated by Martha Kirszenbaum and shows works of 13 different artists represented by their participating galleries – it features #depth and the setting (a darkened agora) gives you the chance to soak up the overall atmosphere and find the time to see the individual artworks.

Artist Pleunie Buyink features her work at Sophie Maree Gallery at Qade.Solo.Project during ArtRotterdamWeek – it’s glitzy it’s glammy not your garden-variety artshow – her objects and bas-reliefs which appear amber or cristal yet are made of synthetic rubber.

Marianne van Heeswijk and Rijkers&Blonk feature their work Nasty Alice gallery at Qade.Solo.Project during #ArtRotterdamWeek – a disarming combination of photo-collages and ceramic artwork with (just) the right dose of #kitsch.

Work by duo Albarran Cabrera at Bildhalle Zürich on Haute Photographie – an enchanting mix-up where #photography transcends into object.

Japanes artists Miho Kajioka and Hideyuki Ishibashi feature their work at Ibasho Gallery on Haute Photographie during RotterdamArtWeek – in their efforts to combine the contemporary and traditional methods of portraying and printing they transcend the boundaries of photography by seeking perfection yet embracing the inevitable imperfection too.

Disarming yet confronting work + presentation by Catherine Biocca at PSM Gallery Berlin – It’s crisp and serious fun all in one.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck is known for her fascination for the immaterial and ‘silence’. At ArtRotterdam 2018 she shows an installation of 3 large transformed gas canisters containing the air of the most secluded island in the world, at the same time these canisters are construed to resonate as a gong.

Right… ArtRotterdamWeek2018 – So much to see, so little time – During this art week we’ll try to post as many #supershort #vlogs on #contemporaryart as possible. So stay tuned on our Insta – FB – Youtube channels!